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August 17, 2016
By Kafka audio book

Five words through the blurb: salesman, changed, pest, trapped, space

The Metamorphosis is a novel I’d always avoided as I suspected it might be distressing and/or impenetrable. I’m pleased I made the decision to give it a try as neither of the preconceptions had been real. The Metamorphosis is truly readable and it isn’t extremely dark at all – and it's also very funny in places.

The guide begins with Gregor, a travelling salesman, waking up to discover that he’s been changed into a giant pest. Its those types of infrequent cases where an author manages to take an extremely impractical concept making it feel real. We loved Gregor’s confusion and the means he gradually discovered exactly what life as an insect thought like.

….when he lifted his head somewhat he could see his dome-like brown stomach divided in to stiff arched segments over which the sleep quilt could not keep in place and ended up being going to slip off totally. Their numerous legs, which were pitifully thin when compared to rest of his bulk, waved helplessly before his eyes.

It's a brief guide (just two disks within the audio variation) and also the story is very simple, but I happened to be entertained throughout. Martin Jarvis’ narration ended up being excellent and I recommend this guide to anybody shopping for something somewhat different.

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