Franz Kafka short Stories

June 11, 2016
Best Franz Kafka Short Stories

Module title: The Strange World of Franz Kafka's Short Stories

Modulecode: GE 214

Tutor: Teacher Anne Fuchs

Timings (term, time, area): Term 1 Thursday 10:00 - 12:00 hours H2.02


Assessment: 3000 term assessed essay (100 %) or 2 time written exam (100 percent)

Module aims

The uncompromising modernity of Kafka’s writing features intrigued years of readers. Their fiction features added your message Kafkaesque into the English dictionary for connection with an obscure and dislocating modernity. An enormous human anatomy of criticism involves issue of how-to review a body of writing that upsets lots of the reader’s old-fashioned expectations about meaning-making. In this module could analyse exactly how Kafka uses realist, symbolist and allegorical structures of reference in order to challenge the idea of stable meaning. You will definitely learn a selection of Kafka’s brief tales with reference to the next themes: narrative point of view; authority, law and justice; gender roles; performance art and Kafka’s creatures. The component is optional for pupils on all degrees and runs over one-term.

Indicative Weekly routine

Few days 1: Introduction: Auf der Galerie

Week 2: Patriarchal Power in Das Urteil

Few Days 3: Performance Art or Art as Sham? Ein Hungerkünstler

Week 4: Efficiency Art or Art as Sham? and personal Power and Collective Memory in Beim Bau der chinesischen Mauer

Few days 5: Social Power and Collective Memory in proceeded


Week 7: Kafka's Animals: Of Mice and Apes: Kleine Fabel and Bericht für eine Akademie

Week 8: Kafka's creatures: The Ape along with his Audience in

Week 9: Kafka's creatures: Narrative Perspective and Gender in Josefine, pass away Sängerin oder das Volk der Mäuse

Week 10: Program Overview: Franz Kafka's Strange World

Please buy a duplicate of Franz Kafka, Die Erzählungen. Originalfassung (Fischer TB). We will make use of this edition for textual evaluation.

  • Das Urteil
  • Ein Hungerkünstler
  • Kleine Fabel
  • Auf der Galerie
  • Vor dem Gesetz
  • Beim Bau der chinesischen Mauer
  • Ein Bericht für eine Akademie
La Jaula Del Monarca 2007-Short Film based on Franz Kafka
La Jaula Del Monarca 2007-Short Film based on Franz Kafka ...
A Short Story by Franz Kafka
A Short Story by Franz Kafka
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